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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Update! 10-13-10

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long time since we've talked about any new information related to the Simulation updates!

The webmaster/founder of posted a new screen shot of the newest simulation creation for website.

Here's what he said in today's post:

Hi all,

Working for a long long lomg time at this sim, for
Just wanted to share a screenshot for this one: -Tijn (Webmaster/founder of )

(*Click on the picture to see it larger.)

Let's dig in and let's see what the newest version is showing in this screen-shot!

Steel Force Simulation Update: 2010-10-13/001

- Control buttons: Since we last saw the screen shot was just a picture on the main site of for those who are there on their community or from community. It shows more of a shiny appeal to them. From the simulations from Themagical website, you can see that the buttons are completely different from them just by looking at them.

- Control Panel: The control panel looks like of a shiny metallic appeal to them. Almost like the buttons but you can see its different. Looks great! Simple feel to it so using the game will be not hard to control.

- Park Operations Module: Nothing much is showing here but it looks something of information box that could allow the ride operator to see what's going on with the attraction or not.

- Current Time Module: NICE! I love to see what time it is while working on the game so I won't lose track of the time when I'm playing it! Awesome!

- Train Panel Status Module: This area shows where the current trains are in the ride cycle track. So far its showing the 'Red Train' or 'Train 1' by the counter at the bottom of the control panel on the right.

- Counters bottom right: From observing the image, its telling us how many guests are entering the ride, station, train, and stand by. This feature would be most valuable to the ride operator to see how many guests has rode the ride at any given time and see how well the ride is performing well under many different conditions that the ride experiencing at that moment.

Attraction Operations Section:

- Switch Day/Night Button: Seems like the other simulation on Themagical website that you can as well do the same by changing the effects of Day/Night time effects while playing the game. So for those who love to play the simulation at night time you can do that by a click of a button. If you get tired of playing at night you can 'switch' it back to day. Simple and yet so brilliant!!

- Switch Lights Button: Ooooh...I have a feeling that this turns on the lights in the ride location. Nothing is proving what turns on but it looks like the lamp lights and others? We'll see...! *winks*

- Start BGM Button: Usually from my knowledge 'BGM' stands 'Background Music'. So this could be the sound effects of the ride and other audio effects? Hopefully we can do more to control what sound effects are on or off? Maybe we'll see later down the road for more updates...just a thought. *winks*

Station & Dispatch Section:

- Control Gates Button: This will open and close the gates to allow guests to enter the train.

- Open/Close Bars Button: and close the lap bars so the guests and be locked in while the ride is in motion.

- Load Train Button: This will move the guests into the train.

- Security Check Button: This will make the ride attendants to check the lap bars and seat belts before dispatching the train.

- Dispatch Train Button: Once the security check is done and finish, this will show when its ready to be dispatched to start the ride cycle.

- Unload Train Button: Once the ride cycle is complete, the guests will have to be removed from the train in order to start the new batch of guests to ride the train for the next new ride cycle.

- Add Train Button: This allows to add more 'trains' to the ride cycle. Right now, only the red train ("Train 1") is on the track unit at this time.

- Remove Train Button: This allows to remove 'trains' from the ride cycle. Right now, only the red train ("Train 1") is on the track unit at this time.

Thank you for taking your time to read our in-depth report of the latest and newest simulation for website site!!

We are looking forward to start the beta testings so you can enjoy this before we release the simulation for the public to enjoy!

If you haven't emailed the simulation development team to try the beta testing of Steel Force once we announce it, please send an email to, with your name, user name account from either or website and email address.

Until Next Time!


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