Monday, August 16, 2010

A website worth joining! MickeyOnline!

Hey Everybody!

Today I'm going introduce a new website that I think you should check out and possibly join.

Now, this site is so new that you can still smell the fresh paint! Well, I have the honor to write about this website and the owner of this very site is our very user of Themagical's Community: "ZachariMoore".

On with the review:

'MickeyOnline' is the new magical spot in the disney-fan website base where you can follow news updates, important information related to the parks events and so much more!


Website Features:
The owner has this passion of showing all the attractions at Disneyland. Since he as gone there every summer vacation, he thought it would be fun to combined his passion of disney and as well wanting to show his audience a VOP view of the attractions at the park.

LIVE Show: 'Mickey's Online Show' is a new live show that's used via Ustream website where the show talks about different topics and as well joined co-host "Reighard" from website.

Forums: Talk disney, talk rides/attractions, and talk everything in between! This is a place where the magic continues to hear your voice heard on many topics. We'd love to see ya there real soon, so be sure to join today!

Photos: This is where you can share your experiences while at disney and as well post a picture of yourself too! Be sure the picture is recommended to the website and not copyrighted photos either. ;) Upload your pictures to the gallery!

Simulations: Coming Soon Summer 2013! Zachari has the determination of creating fun simulations and his passion of being a web developer. So with those two passions coming together will be an awesome sight to see. So stay tuned!

Social Connection:

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