Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New friends to be added with Themagical! :)

Hello Everybody,

Sorry for being quite last month. I apologize for not posting any new updates or blog posting due to the terrible and horrific news about the earthquake that hit Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake: Thank you for your support, thoughts and Prayers!

From this news it was really hard to post any new in relation to simulations since alot of us was shocked to hear about the earthquake and wondering how we could find ways to support the Haitian people.

It's been a hard toll on everybody (including myself as well) when we heard about the news of Haiti and how much they really need our help and financial support.

From the news about another after shock rocked Haiti 7.0 the day after the first earthquake, it really seemed like Haiti was getting really slammed. But good news that many have came to help the country and millions of dollars have been donated from many organizations around the world to help Haiti recover this massive earthquake.

We thank you to those who have supported Haiti from the links that we previous posted before in our blog. The people really needed our help and thank you again for your generous support, thoughts and prayers.

New Friends Joined With Themagical

We are happy to announce to joined forces along with "DorneyOnline.com" and "NewsPlusNotes.com".

These both we sites support great topics on theme parks, water parks, news about local parks, National amusement parks and international amusement parks, roller coasters, new coasters construction and so much more!

NewsPlusNotes: Is a blog dedicated to the coverage of the amusement industry. Our content runs the gamut from major industry headlines to exclusive reports ...

DorneyOnline.com: Un-official guide to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, PA USA. Includes news of updates, accidents, attractions and more!

Be sure to check them out and read what they have to say! Click on the buttons above to view their websites!

We are happy to announce the new partnership with both of them!

Thanks for reading!

Have a magical day!


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