Monday, December 14, 2009

Big Thunder Mountain Simulation Update

Hi everybody!

As you already may have heard here or on the website, "Big Thunder Mountain" simulation is getting an upgrade!

Below you'll notice alot of new things in this new upgrade.

(BTM Simulation Version:

(*Click on the picture to see in a larger view - December 13, 2009 BTM Simulation Version)

Currently the new features (Beta version

-A new and more realistic version of Big Thunder Mountain that's based in Disneyland Paris
- Climate Weather System Engine (more details later)
- Fast Pass Line introduced
- Fast Pass and Stand By queue line rows active

Stay tuned for more further updates here and on the website ;)

Merry Christmas!! :D

Simulation Development Team


Joe said...

are you going to need others to test this b4 it comes out?? (sorry for the two comments, not sure if first went through)

Randydorney said...

Currently we aren't asking for beta testers at this time.

I'm not sure on that question at this time and may change later of this month and/or the coming new year.

Be sure to watch our blog for more further details. ;)