Monday, November 2, 2009

Blog Update

Blog Update!

Hello all! We have an exciting news to announce to you all readers. By now you've notice the new change of our theme from the a crowded messy desk like theme to theater lighting theme.

The previous theme was causing alot of issues with FireFox 3.0 (and higher) and for mobile phones it was hard to read the postings. So with that in mind, I was trying to find a suitable theme that is nice and compatible to all platforms. Thus, this is the right theme for this blog. :D

I wanted a nice theme that makes you feel that there's alot of possiblities when it comes to creativity to creating flash sites/simulations and other special projects at 'Themagical'.

We would like to hear your feedback! Tell us what you think of the new theme! :)

Until then,



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