Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Blog Update!

Blog Update!

Hello all! We have an exciting news to announce to you all readers. By now you've notice the new change of our theme from the basic reddish color to a crowded messy desk like theme.

The theme is a new update that is eye candy and as well gives it a more Walt Disney Imagineers desk feel to it (not the messy feel of creativity or a messy desk).

I wanted a nice theme that makes you feel that there's alot of possiblities when it comes to creativity to creating flash sites/simulations and other special projects at 'Themagical'.

The theme you are browsing may not look properly and we recommend you viewing with Internet Explorer 7 to see the theme correctly (Not recommended Firefox 2.5 and higher to view the blog theme).

We would like to hear your feedback! Tell us what you think of the new theme! :)

Thanks and enjoy your summer break!!

Until then,



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Carteerio said...

This new layout is awesome! One little thing though.. perhaps change the font color from brown to red or something? It's very difficult to read brown on brown lol. Talk to you soon!- Carter