Thursday, April 2, 2009

Themagical Simulation Academy Update 2

As you've been following us with "TSA" (Themagical Simulation Academy) developments.
Below is showing some improvements and as well other important features to the site.

Tijn (webmaster/simulation creator) made a posting on the latest developments and commenting on the updates.
"Making progress with the subsite. Introduced a profile system, it can be updated by the user, and working at the connection to the simulations, so the scores can be saved.This will the posibility to add new kind of score types for me, so I keep experimenting." Tijn
New Screenshots updates:
(*Click on the pictures to see it upclose.)

(Main Page)

Main Page: (New added features/updates)
- New Color Theme
- Picture Gallery
- Themagical TV
- Wall OF Fame
- Beta Build 2009 03 24 -021
- New Navigation Buttons

(New Account Page)

Account Page:
-*Important Account Form Page
(*Notice: In the near future, you'll have to create a new account for the flash site. It's completely different than Themagical's main website.)
(Mobile Page)

Mobile Page:
- Special webpage for 'Mobile' users.
- Get information on parks, park maps, rating special shows, etc...
- This page will be updated on a regular basis!


Profile Page:
- Update your information, passwords, birthday information, etc...
After creating your account, this is where you can update your information at anytime.
There you have it folks! This is the latest information on the "TSA" beta developments.
We hope you enjoy this update and keeping the updates here on the latest information and developments of 'Themagical Simulation Academy'!!
Have a magical day!

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