Friday, October 24, 2008

Expedition Everest Simulation Update 1

As you already know that our next successor simulation after "Millionaire Play It" will be Expedition Everest!!

Production has been very smoothly and not that many bugs has encountered unlike MPI (Millionaire Play It). MPI was a huge simulation to do as well alot of functions had to be inplace in order to make the simulation run well like the real attraction at Disney's California Adventure as well Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly known as Disney's MGM-Studios).

Since the databased crashed on October 8th, it was alot more work to be done to make the site back up and running again as it was before. So there was a slight delay on the progress EE sim (aka Expedition Everest Simulation) since the site had to be first made back online again.

But as of Oct. 21 we are back on schedule and found bugs. Which is good to find out since the bug in Adobe Flash not always catch it until you play with the swf file in test mode.

I'm please by how well its turning out to be and I know you guys and gals will enjoy the pleasure of playing another great attraction online as you relived the memories of being on EE or have the control of a major rollercoaster attraction from Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Screenshots of the current build of EE will not be displayed until permission from the webmaster of Tijn. But in due time, keep your eyes peeled for possible beta testing of EE since its part of the "Magical Wishes" promotion!

Until next time.

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